6 Quick Preparation Tips for IBPS PO Exam 2017

As we all know that IBPS PO Exam 2017 will be one of the greatest exams in the government jobs of India, where more than two crore candidates will compete against each other to gain one of the most selective and rewarding jobs that the nation has to offer at the current moment.

Here I would like to advise you to first understand the concept of the IBPS PO Exam Pattern and procedures(Both main and preliminary) after that you can follow this fantastic and sure shot tips to giving your preparation a nice boost. So here I am going to explain all the preparation tips one by one


#Tip 1: Reasoning is easy as well as sturdy!

We all have one misconception about reasoning preparation that this section is really easy and highly scoring. As an expert campaigner, I would like to advise you to solve the ones which can do it in the first move and attempt on the other sections. After that, if you have some time, then try to answer the questions which are based on puzzles. Make one thing very clear in your mind that if you are not sure for any certain question that it is better to leave it blank and save yourself from negative markings.


#Tip 2: Focus on questions from the English Language

My believing for the English language is like a pot of the diamonds hidden under the bush. Not much Candidate fancy a better chance of scoring close to 100% in the language of English. But the actual truth is that this English language Preparetion is very easier than the other topics and sections. And charm is that you either know a solution, or you don’t. And make sure this section will save you a lot of time.
#Tip 3: Don’t ignore Quantitative Aptitude
I like to tell you that don’t even try to ignore this section’s negative markings. And don’t forget the fact that there is a sectional cut-off for every competitive examination, don’t even try to ignore quantitative aptitude section where Data interpretation and maths would be waiting for you. Around 35 questions are given from this section during the preliminary examination, so, You must focus on this topics as well. Nevertheless, you can you have two option for neglecting, and they are trigonometry and geometry.


#Tip 4: Touch every section on a daily basis

In the preliminary exam, there are mainly 3 sections, namely, Reasoning, English and quantitative aptitude. And my advice is that never try to prepare and complete sections one by one, instead of that spend some time on every section on a daily basis. For example, you can give 2 hours a day to one section after that take some break and give another 2 hours to the different Topic. This tactic will be real help you to prepare all the subjects simultaneously.


#Tip 5: Balance between study and refreshment

Another advice for studying is that you should never think of studying for more than 3 hours rapidly. Nobody can have same concentration throughout. So I would like you to prefer some breaks in between slots of 2 hours. So you can restart with better brain level.
#Tip 6: Solve previous years’ question papers

You must be assuming that this is one of the most simple tips which is offered by all. In fact, it is, and because of it’s effectiveness, everyone likes it. Another way is solving last years’ exam papers which you can get at any general store or the examination hall. The type and the pattern of the questions will allow you to adjust your preparations accordingly for the betterment of the result.

All the best for IBPS PO Exam 2017!

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