How to prepare for IBPS Exam?(Quantitative, Computer, professional)

Quantitative Aptitude –

Problems consume lots of time to solve it. Data understanding is the major part of this subjects it containing 15 items from it. So you should have very good knowledge about pie, tabulation, pie chart, line graph, line chart, and bar chart etc. Exam giver need to focus more different problems, not for a single. You must spare some time for another sections because this subject consumes your big time in calculations.

Make one thing clear in your mind that quantitative exams are the type of exams in which you should practice as much as possible. Because you cannot do that ratta thing in the quantitative topics. You must practice all the problems as much as possible. Once you will get grip on its topic than it is going to be your most marks scoring subject. And I am very much confident about it.

Aptitude topics to focus – Sequence and seriese, data interpretation, quadratic equations, number system, ratio, simplification, proportion portion and average etc.

Computer Knowledge –

Computer knowledge is an additional topic for IBPS PO exam 2017. It contains equal grades like others so don’t take it either. Here examiner wants to check your computer capabilities and basic knowledge about computer. So you must be aware all about a computer here. You really can score quickly more from this subject because computer syllabus criteria are not so vast, and not more time consuming.

Computer is very easy to learn. You just have to do is the follow some basic rules right now you are reading this means you already have the sufficient knowledge about the computer and internet handling. So I would like to tell you that you can easily can get grip on the theoretical part of it and it surely will benefit for scoring very good marks.

Computer topics to focus – Operating system function, basic of computer, basic internet knowledge and protocols, network basis(WAN and LAN), computer basic questions, generation of the computer shortcuts, etc.

Professional Knowledge –

This IBPS professional knowledge topic is only for the specialist officer’s post. IBPS PO post includes different positions such as IT officer, agriculture field officer, HR/Personnel officer, Law officer, rajsabha adhikari, law officer, marketing officer, etc. IBPS professional knowledge topic for every post is different according the criteria and specialization.

You should start your preparation as he or she applied. If students applied for the IT officer then exam taker will ask you the question from the IT Sector, and if student applied for the AFO exam then he or she will face questions from the agriculture field. You must check all category post topics for that.

At last I wants to tell you that if you start preparing for IBPS PO exam now than you can easily archive your goals and with the good time management you can easily archive what you wants to do means pass the IBPS exams. So start preparing for it now and Best of luck from me in advance for you.

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