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How to prepare for PSC Examination? Top 9 Preparation Tips and tricks

As you all know that PSC is stands for the Provincial Civil Service. PSC is a special examination which is held for the selection of candidates for the civil service posts of that particular state. These particular posts are under the control of the state government and one cannot be transferred to another state once they were recruited in the post of the PSC.

So for passing this exam is not easy task as I guess. So here I am going to share you the some of the best tips and tricks for this  interview and examination here bellow are that top tricks for you.

Tip No 1:-

As we know this examination is the state level examination you should be well aware of the history and geography of your particular state. It’s really good to have command on them they really are going to helps you a lot.

Tip No 2:-

You know this is the examination of the state level and you should also be aware of the difficulty level and be ready to prepare yourself for putting in a good amount of hard work. Let me tell you that hard work has never any option you should be prepared for that if you want to crack PSC examinations.
Tip No 3:-

Since it is very large level examination you must have good knowledge of the country, the last happenings in the country too. For that examiner must start reading one news paper in order to get yourself updated of the happenings in and around the world.
Tip No 4:-

General knowledge should be your best friend of yours if you wants to score a good marks for the PSC. And if not then try to focus on it more and more.

Tip No 5:-

You must be ready with your regional language, custom and culture if you are a interview candidate. This will surely add you some credits in your marks.
Tip No 6:-

Since the exam is conducted by the pattern of the UPSC, i.e. .e. prelims first, then the mains and then the interview. But there are also some states which goes directly for the mains as they do not have much audience and they saves time for them.
Tip No 7:-

If you want the great ideas about preparation then you should go for the some question papers of the last few years and try to solve them. This will surely going to be the great help for you.

Tip No 8:-

If you are giving the examination for the first time then I should suggest you to take guidance by an experienced teacher who can help you to focus and direct your efforts correctly.

Tip No 9:-

If you wants to give this examination than you must start to appear for the mock papers and should keep the check on your time period because with the good preparation you should also increase the speed of your paper solving methods which can spare you some time.

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