How to Prepare General Knowledge for Competitive Exams?

If you really wants to prepare general knowledge than I would really like to help you. So here I am sharing some of the tips for preparing the general knowledge.

  1. Read Newspapers Daily
  • As a old saying “Old is gold”, same factor are affecting here too. You need to create a habit of studding newspaper consistently. I am also recommending you to also read the more than one news paper.
  • It would be great if you study one paper of your mother tongue, and one another of English language. Some useful news papers are “The hindu”, “The times of India”, “The Telegraph”,etc.
  • I can bet you that reading news paper everyday can make your life easy in learning General Knowledge. Keeping an eye of what’s actually going on around may find interesting in looking out for news daily.
  • As we all know that staying update is always a great idea, as it will stand you apart from the rest.


  1. Read Magazines / Books thoroughlyy
  • Different General Knowledge Magazines are always a better option to have the knowledge fast and effectively.
  • There are many big publications that concentrate on the present matters and general information. You can easily buy it from any regional supplier, and begin learning it thoroughly.
  • Some of the amazing magazines are Darpan, Pratigya, and manorma, etc.
  • You can also try to study sports magazines and business magazines too along with a common journal. This is surely going to increase possibilities of breaking the hard examination with very ease.


  1. Participate in Online Quizzes
  • You really start to participate in some of the free practice tests that are available on the internet to check yourself
  • This will surely provides you with the proper concept weather you are prepared for the PPC exam day or not.
  • As an added aspect it will also offer you assurance. You can also download Monthly-wise current affairs questions from the internet very easily.


  1. Make Your Strength Your Plus Point

Let me tell you the most needed thing very boldly that we generally find it very confusing to study the whole thing at the glance so what actually happens is that we chiefly study a lot but at the end of the day we memorize very little in our mind. So first of all we required to measure on our though parts for our preparations. Suppose you are planning to go for the bank exams, than make sure you focus further on the banking related terms, awards, sports and honours, etc and should create a division as one of the strongest weapon. Participating and attempting online puzzles and quizzes so you can evolutes yourself.


  1. Discussion Forums

There are so many debate forums on the internet nowadays through which you can increase your general knowledge. These forums really knowledge negotiations in innumerable areas and going through them and by participating in them can help you and really going to give progress your general awareness.

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