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Myths About UPSC IAS Exam Preparation – Truth

Whenever you start to do something you inevitably hear some myths about it. So when you start something big like IAS preparation, so that’s the obvious thing that you have heard some myth and trying to seek some truth about it. So today we are going to discuss some of that myths here.

1) They say IAS is the mother of all exams. Is it?

Incredibly wrong. This is some another little bit extraordinary exam. The mother of all exam is life. Trust me you really can afford to fail in IAS Interview or Exam of IAS, but in real life you can not. So, take this IAS exam’s preparation as a single phase of your life, not as your life.

2) They say IAS is not for faint-hearted. Is it?

If you think you really have the soft heart or you are faint hearted, I would like to advise you to start your IAS preparation as soon as possible – It surely gives much strength to your heart.

3) One topper in an interview said that she studied 20 hours every day for 365 days. Is this true?

Insomnia may be the problem for her. Even she has to hard work for the 20 hours a day as an IAS officer. But take this note as a serious, good sleep is very needed to prepare well for this examination. It keeps you good health. Maximum study hours should not surpass 14 hours a day unless you suffer from insomnia.

4) Now you are saying 14 Hours! Are you mad?

Calm down. If you have already left your job, as harassment, you should give these many hours. Just think aren’t you giving 12 hours a day? Anyway, you should at least give your 8 hours of planned study. If you can enhance your time that it’s awesome. But never sleep less than 6-8 hours of sound sleep.

5) My English is destitute. They say I am out of the race. Am I?

No. You still have the big chance for winning the race. Now you have figured out the problem that you are weak in English. So just start to work on it. All you need is the basics of it. Moreover, you can write any exam and give the interview in your local language. Just go to any general shop and buy a basic Grammar book- Start to read it, listen to English news on the TV See some English movies, start to write something in English. By making this effort, you actually can improve your English very quickly.

6) I am worried. I can’t go to Delhi because of some personal reasons.

They say it is Mecca for IAS aspirants.
IAS preparation is neither religion nor life to seek the understanding in far away from the concrete jungle. Do your work sincerely, if you are happy, Strongest UPSC will call you it’s shrine, if comfortable with your personality, it will open the gate of the heaven – The IAS. Why should you go anywhere uninvited?

7) So how can I study from my home?

These days you can buy books from anywhere by online. Every topper to looser has studied the same set of the materials as lakhs of applicants do each and every year. The main different is in the planning of their research and execute those plans. They always practice their writing skill. They take mock tests. They really seem confident. And they also play somethings with luck.

8) Oh! So luck is needed for this exam.

Ya, But do you really think that you are unlucky? Anyway, let me justify a famous quote for you – Success is only one percent luck and another ninety-nine percent perspiration. Don’t let weaken that 99% things and let them slip from your hand.


Apart from this all thing you should make one thing clear in your mind that If you wants to pass the IAS exam and interviews, then you have to work very hard and with proper planning. So don’t think too much and start preparing for it and Best of luck from My side.

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