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Top 5 Tips to prepare for banking exams

Do you know recently, SBI, NABARD and some other banks have released notification for junior associate and assistant manager vacancies respectively. And as recruitment exams for these banking institution are approaching very near, upcoming two months are very important for any banking exam giver. But you don’t have to worry about it because by systematic and dedicated preparation for examination is the need of the hour in order to track these exam.

If you are one of the exam givers who are planning to take both or even one of these exams, then you really need to prepare nice blueprint for smooth preparation. This will surely channelize your preparation in the right direction and take much closer to your achievements. Here are some tips to follow:

As both SBI and NABARD will conduct online quantitative aptitude exams, you should take a guess that they have certain similarities in the pattern. So, let’s first search all the common areas of preparation that you need to cover.

Common areas

English language –Here, you have to mainly focus on four aspect: Vocabulary, English, Grammar and reading. As you know reading comprehension and vocabulary are generally interlinked and similar and unsimmilar asked in the exam are from the passage itself.

Nuerical ability/ quant aptitude –Within quant, main thing and most important aspects are data and arithmetic interpretation. The main questions based on numerical and simplification also have significant importance. In spite of that, menstruation too accounts for many questions.

Reasoning ability –Mathematical inequalities, puzzle test, syllogism, blood relation, coding-decoding, seating arrangement and input-output are the key topics in this area.

However, logical reasoning problems such as: Statement-assumption, statement-course of action, statement- argument and statement-conclusion must not be neglected as well.

Computer knowledge –To comprehensively cover all the question from this area you must study (a) keyboard shortcuts (b) software packages and usage (c) cyber security and security tools (d) abbreviations and acronyms (e) networking fundamentals (f) history of computers and programming languages (g) internet knowledge and protocols (h) basic computer terminology (i) computer hardware.

General and banking/ financial awareness –The course of these area generally seems to most candidates. However, make yourself ready to handle questions based on following points will gives you the maximum benefit.

General Awareness

  • (a) New appointments and who is who
  • (b) prizes and awards
  • (c) international summits /conferences
  • (d) government welfare schemes and initiatives
  • (e) sports tournaments
  • (f) science and technology projects
  • (g) books and authors
  • (h) international organisations

Banking/ financial awareness

  • (a) Fiscal and monetary policy announcements
  • (b) macroeconomic indicators
  • (c) Indian banking system
  • (d) regulatory framework
  • (e) banking and financial terms
  • (f) financial market developments
  • (g) banking operations

Although SBI clerk preliminary exam(tier-I) will not include areas 4 and 5, yet you must work on them together with quant, reasoning and English. It is so because as we know time lap between the preliminary exam and main exam. And another matter is that if you also have applied for NABARD vacancies, than you must start to take your focus on this five areas and they are the part of the preliminary exam.

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